Mini Voyager Bag - Wildflower
Mini Voyager Bag - Wildflower

Mini Voyager Bag - Wildflower

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This Mini Voyager will remind you of your old faded jeans- so worn in, so comfortable, perfectly slouchy in just the right way. Slightly smaller than the Standard Voyager Bag, the Mini Voyagers are your go-to bag for your on-the-go busy lifestyle!

The Beauty is in the details:

  • Crafted from full-grain leather and a traditional huipil from a rural village in Guatemala
  • Voyager Bags can be worn 3 different ways: Shoulder Strap, Cross-Body or Backpack
  • Adjustable cross-body and backpack straps included
  • Storage zipper and neckline pocket on exterior. Large pockets and zipper storage inside.
  • Every bag is unique and is meant to have vintage charm personality!
  • Approximate dimensions: Height 10", Length 14.5", Width 5"
  • Every bag includes a friendship bracelet and info card about the artisan who created the bag

Making a difference:

  • Your purchase helps support job opportunities to local artisans in Guatemala
  • Vendors have long-standing relationships with artisans and earn fair and ethical wages
  • The lining (corte) & accent fabric (huipil) are sustainable and re-purposed on each bag.

Incase you were wondering...

  • A huipil is a traditional embroidered blouse worn by indigenous women. These can take months to create and are considered very valuable in Mayan tradition.
  • A corte is a long fabric skirt also worn by the women in Guatemala