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  • Why does Authentico Goods prefer gold-filled jewelry over gold-plated jewelry?
      • Gold-filled pieces are simply made better. The process it takes to create a gold-filed piece is longer and little more complex than plated jewelry. 
      • Gold-filled jewelry has a 5% thicker layer of gold alloy vs gold-plated jewelry, which only has about .05% gold alloy.
      • Gold-filled pieces have all the gold on the surface, which offer protection from tarnish and wear.
      • It's easier on the sensitive skin.
      • The thick layer on gold-filled prevents tarnishing. (If not cared for properly, some pieces may tarnish over time.)
      • A well-cared piece can last a lifetime!
    • Caring for your jewelry:
      • As with most jewelry, please take care not to expose your jewelry to water, hairspray, perfume and lotions.
      • Store your pieces in an airtight container, away from high-moisture areas.
      • To clean GOLD-FILLED jewelry: Scrub with a soft jewelry brush and unscented dish soap. Rinse well, pat dry and let air dry.
      • To clean STERLING SILVER jewelry: gently rub with polishing cloth or make a paste with baking soda + water and clean with a gentle cloth or toothbrush.
      • To clean ROSE GOLD-FILLED jewelry: Use mild dish soap, warm water and a gentle cloth. Let air dry.
    •  Leather: What is the difference between top-grain and full-grain?
      • Top grain leather is similar to full-grain except that the top couple of millimeters have been sanded and buffed away to take away any imperfections. This will give the leather a more uniform look.
      • Full grain leather is the highest quality grade. It comes from the top layer of the hide and includes all the natural grain. Full grain leather is very strong and durable- as the natural grain contains all the strongest fibers in the hide. 
      • Caring for your leather:
        • Leather will naturally darken over time from your regular contact. If needed use a leather conditioner to bring out the darker tones. 
        • For leather stains do not spot clean or rub. Contact a local boot repair shop for guidance. 
        • For regular care, use a soft cloth to dust the surface.
      • What is your return policy?
      • How fast will I receive my items?
      • Do we gift wrap?
        • Yes! We love gift-wrapping- you can almost say it's our specialty! Please let us know in the notes section at checkout if you want your item gift wrapped. Best of all this is a complimentary service!
      • How can I personalize the greeting card that I just purchased?
        • Option 1: We print out the note you sent us from the "notes" section of the checkout page. We carefully print and cut the typed note onto high-quality stock paper before we place it on to your greeting card with very pretty tape!
        • Option 2: Have an Smart Pen on your tablet or computer? Simply hand-write your personal note, save it as a JPEG file and send it to us at We will take care of the rest!


      If you have any other questions or concerns please feel free to contact us through our form. Or email at